Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Unique ways to decorate the stairs

Stairs have gained a new purpose in the home. Instead of just being a way to get from one level of your home to another, they are now being used as a way to add style and color to your home. Have fun with it! There are many design ideas that are semi-permanent, so if you grow tired of the style, it's easy to change!


 A painted striped staircase "runner" can bring bold color. Create a visual punch with the tones you choose, remembering to link the upstairs with the downstairs.


A crisp white staircase with ombre spindles. Working uprights in twos, pairing them off on adjacent steps and graduating the tone from light to dark all the way up the banister. Easy to do with such a striking effect.
 images via Martha Stewart


Paint the steps of a staircase in a playful color. 

by Designer Kerry Joyce featured at Elle Decor

Chevron Stairs: Being careful not to make the stairs to busy. The chevron pattern was painted on every other stair riser with alternating stairs painted a soft gray. (coordinating color with the upper levels wide stripes)


 Stencil stair risers in a different stencil pattern for a truly brilliant design!
 stencil artist Melanie Royals featured at Apartment Therapy


Moroccan Stencils
 from Royal Design Studio


Stamped stairs: Add an element of surprise to a staircase. Here a stair-climbing vine in a calming blue hue was applied with a rubber stamp and latex paint.


Vinyl Decals:

Share your family's favorite phrases or reminder of words to live by. Very memorable yet easily removable too.


Today's stylish designs look great in unexpected places... Wallpaper the risers in your favorite pattern.
via Sunset


A riot of green colour and modern pattern creates a very energetic space.
by interior designer Diane Bergeron featured at desire to inspire



Tile offers a world of endless choices and styles. Design the riser or the entire step to bring beauty, color and defined style to your decor. 
             via StoneImpressions  a fantastic place to add beauty and color. a fantastic place to add beauty and color. a fantastic place to add beauty and color. a fantastic place to add beauty and color.


Natural Elements:

Covering or making your stairs from stone is a sure way to bring in rustic textures. These flagstone steps and wood beam add so much character to this entry. 

Light it up:

 Backlighting your stair risers is an unusual way to put exterior safety lighting where it's needed. Simple cutouts in the risers in any pattern can yield a delightful decorative element while keeping you out of the dark. (perfect for the outdoor stairs too)

Is there a staircase in your home that could use a little more life?
How will you make your stairs stand out with a high-style decorating statement? Which of these ideas would you love to give a try in your home?


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