Thursday, May 19, 2011

Need A Slipcover And Have Loose Back Cushions... No Problem!

At Sure Fit we know all furniture is not made alike. That's why we offer slipcovers in a variety of constructions.

Our three piece slipcovers are made to cover almost any three piece chair, loveseat or sofa with ease.  They are designed with a separate seat cushion cover, a back cushion cover and a slipcover for the base. The sofa size can accommodate up to three loose back cushions and seat cushions. Check out our website for measuring details. With a three piece slipcover you can have a custom-look for your furniture, without the custom made price! This slipcover style is available in chair, loveseat and sofa sizes.

Stretch Suede Three Piece


Stretch Pique Three Piece


Stretch Pique Three Piece T-Cushion


Our separate pillow cover is designed to cover your removable loose back pillows with memory stretch fabric. Memory stretch fabric and all-around elastic provide a clean, sleek look that goes on easily and stays in place. All three piece stretch slipcovers feature a zippered cushion cover closure which makes it easy to remove for machine washing. You simply won't believe it's a furniture cover! 

You simply won't believe it's a furniture cover!
"I received my slipcover yesterday in the mail and can't tell you how happy I am with it! Thanks for coming up with a slipcover for a pillow back t-cushion sofa!"
Amy A., OH


  1. I've always wanted to order one of your slip covers, but there is a problem...and i'd be willing to pay more if you could solve it...the Back Covers need to be bigger, and 3 of them, not one to cover the entire back...and the t cushion couch needs to have 3 separate cushions to zip existing cushions into...this would make it look much better and less trailer park...thanks...hope you can come up with one in a beige...I'll buy it in a heart beat

    1. I have the same problem except it has 4 separate pillow back. I do have the t cushion that is separate with 3. Did you find a solution?

    2. Get the Custom Upholstered Look You've Been Waiting For!
      A sleek, smooth Ultimate Heavyweight Stretch Suede. An upgraded version of our best-selling Stretch Suede in a more substantial 8.2 oz. fabric with individual seat cushion covers, this collection creates the look of custom upholstery for so much less. At this time, only available for a 2 or 3 seat box cushion. Visit this link: -

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I have a very good quality sofa set that my daughter gave me. I was considering a sofa cover but the good ones are pricey Thought about making one myself but I’m not much of a seamstress. lately I bought a cover and cushions for boost the value of my home and sofa set. this is going to work.

    Outdoor Cushions

  3. I have a sofa with four individual back pillows and a loveseat with three individual back pillows. I know I would want two separate slipcover pieces to cover the body of the sofa and loveseat and then another piece for the bottom pillows. However, I'm not sure how to cover the individual back pillows because there are so many of them. Suggestions?

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  5. my sofa has t cushions on the back but box cushions on the seat. Recommendation?

  6. my sofa has t cushions on the back but box cushions on the seat. Recommendation?

  7. My sofa has two large back cushions and two large box seat cushions. I think the 3 piece seat cushion could work to put both box seat cushions into one slipcover, but the edges of the back cushions are not square enough to do so. Do you have any suggestions?

  8. I would like to find a sofa cover with 4 big back covers with 2 seat cushion covers. Is this possible?