Friday, August 30, 2013

Back In The LimeLight In 2013... Wallpaper

A simple way to add personality, texture and dimension to your living space. There are so many options, you are sure to find one that suits your décor taste. 

We are loving the designer collections that can be found at Thibaut Design. Established in 1886 Thibaut (pronounced Tee-Bo) is the nation’s oldest continuously operating wallpaper firm. Known for a fresh, inspiring color palette with classic style, Thibaut offers unsurpassed quality and design in styles ranging from historic reproductions, toile, and chinoiserie to tropical and novelty patterns. With an insightful knowledge of trends and what homeowners want, Thibaut consistently delivers uniquely a designed collection.

Trobadour wallpaper in plum -- how pretty is this! Very charming when divided by the white raised panel with the coordinating prints on the stools!

Bring texture into your interior design with Bankun Raffia. One of their best selling patterns, is now available in 28 colorways! They've added 14 new colorways in our new Texture Resource 4 collection.

Get trending with the Piedmont Stripe –Wallpaper in Aqua. Adds subtle definition and architectural detail, available in 13 color schemes too.

Why Choose Wallpaper... Depth, emotion and intensity are the allure of wallpaper. Wallpaper can create a subtle background or be a bold addition. It allows you to express your individual style and adds instant character to any room. Whatever your design preference, wallpaper has it all.

Do you have wallpaper dressing the walls in your home? Is Wallpaper for you, Yay or Nay?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bringing texture to your contemporary design style.

We are proud to introduce one our newest collections for the Fall season. Stretch Brixton will offer the best of the best — all the innovation of our top-selling, two-way stretch fabric with a soft, supple feel and standout texture.

Make a textural impact on your living space with this raised lattice motif.

This collection is available in three great colors for Fall and Winter... Chocolate - Garnet - Taupe

Chocolate Garnet Taupe

Understated. Clean Lined. Less is more.
 This exceptionally comfortable stretch jacquard knit has a raised, lattice motif that is both modern and timeless to mix seamlessly into any style of décor. A Separate Seat Construction available for furniture with removable seat cushions for a custom-like fit. The classic, clean-lined style is finished with an elastic hem for a tailored fit. 95% polyester/5% spandex. Machine washable too. 

Furniture Pieces this collection will restyle:

Sofa and loveseat


Wing Chair


Pillows and Pillow Slips

Whether you're choosing a new look or creating a seasonal wardrobe for your furniture, slipcovers are a smart decorating solution. What great colors, patterns or textures are you diving into this fall?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Design Trends Have Changed Dramatically Over The Years!

It's about more mixing and less matching. Artfully mixing of patterns, styles and colors into one cohesive design without leaving the space feeling chaotic.

When Opposites Attract: Fashionable and fresh yet bringing a contrast and keeping your interior exciting.

How charming is this dining room design from a' la mode with a beautiful mix of seating options.

Mixing it up in the kitchen. Designer Myra Hoefer brings a modern mix of styles to this kitchen featured at House Beautiful. An effortless blend of West Coast ease and French elegance.

 Charming yet modern... Great animal prints mixed with old world style by Haus Design featured at The Enchanted Home.

 Same applies for our slipcover collections too. Have fun with designing your interior. Experiment with mixing new patterns and colors yet keeping a unified color palette in mind. 

 New Fanciful Floral & Lucky Stripe, Exclusive Waverly™ by Sure Fit Designs:

 Who'd Ever Known Florals and Stripes Look Better Together!


Or a busy pattern with a surprising and unexpected color combo. 

Make a bold statement with the Stretch Ironworks Slipcover pattern. Love the modern flair these Loft pillows in clay and grass bring to this jazzy stretch velvet pattern. 

Stand Out In The Crowd!

Create your own dining room style by mixing and matching dining chair skirts along with long and short dining chair cover styles. You'll be floored by the wide variety of colors and patterns available. 

Dare to add flair? It's okay to mix different finishes, periods and styles. Gone to the days of matchy-matchy rooms. What areas of your home have you successfully mixed design styles?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Traveling With Your Pet Just Got Easier

Introducing Our New Waterproof Auto Bench Seat Cover And Cargo Mat

 Perfect for families with young children, a new puppy, senior pets, drooling dog breeds, or any pet with travel anxiety.

Keep your vehicle's interior looking its best. Extend the practical and stylish solution of waterproof suede to your vehicle to protect upholstery. Contains a laminated backing and bound seaming to prevent leaks, an all-over 4” box quilting and lofty 5 oz. polyester fill adds cushiony comfort. The waterproof bench car seat cover extends over the sides and front and is held in place with an adjustable horizontal back strap and vertical sliding straps. Available in two sizes to fit automobiles, SUVs and vans: Medium (48”-54” seat back) and Large (58”-64” seat back)
The waterproof cargo mat (50” x 58”, for use in either direction) has 2” flaps on each side with 2” fasteners to accommodate wheel wells and seat backs. Both covers available in colors gray and taupe. Machine washable too.

Spills clean-up easily


Stay-put fasteners help cargo mat stay in place.


When traveling with your pets, always remember to have an emergency back-up kit. You never know when you could run into a delay or situation with your pet while out on the road. Here are a items to keep in a plastic storage container. ~ important vet paperwork, food/treats, water bowl and bottled water, collar, leash, ID tags, medications, first-aid kit and a few toys.

Find tips from Pet Health Care Gazette on how to prevent car sickness for your dog.

Car Safety Items for Your Pet featured at Pet 360

 Looking for an accommodating place to travel with pet perks? Find The Top 10 Pet-Friendly Destinations featured at Animal Planet

We Have Waterproof Pet Solutions For The Interior Too

Waterproof Furniture Cover Slipcovers: decorator-quality throw is streamlined, stylish, and waterproof with specially bound seaming to prevent leakage and a waterproof laminated backing. Machine washable and features a generous 39” backdrop with detachable stay-put strap. Available for a sofa, loveseat, chair and wing chair in colors loden, chocolate, cream and taupe.

Discreetly protects furniture from spills and accidents (plus pet hair, wear and tear).

How often do you take your pets for rides in the car? What is your biggest worry when traveling with your pet?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rugs: Get Floor Protection And Add A Key Element To A Rooms Interior Design.

Use area rugs in a high traffic zone of the home, they will assist in keeping your flooring look like new!
An area rug not only brings warmth and texture to a room -- It can also become the main focal point to anchor the entire room design.

 Sofa and pillows in natural, wing chair in pavement from our Sail Cloth collection; Loft pillows in bark and river; Waverly™ Saddle Stripe rug in brown pulling the entire room design together.
 Unexpected Design Elements; Tips for Decorating With Area Rugs:

Did you know Sure Fit also carries a stylish collection of rugs in wide array of colors and patterns? All of our rugs come in a variety of sizes, from runners to 9 foot by 12 foot area rugs. Shown below are just a few of Sure Fit’s stylish collection of rugs. View our complete selection of rugs.

Do you use area rugs in your home?

Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Fall Collection Has Arrived: Stretch Galaxy One Piece Slipcovers

Stretch Galaxy Slipcovers: Furniture updates gone modern with this form fit textured print. Understated and clean lined contemporary design...

Available in styles for a sofa, loveseat, chair, recliner, pillows and slips in decor friendly colors: chestnut, chocolate, cordovan, latte and noir(shown above).

Sofa and Loveseats



 Pillows and Pillow Slips

Update and visually create a warm appealing space by restyling your furniture in this new textured print.   

Friday, August 9, 2013

Interior Design Trends: Layering Area Rugs

A great way to bring texture, color and depth to any room. 

Very functional in defining a space in a large open concept design.(ex. conversational or office space) Popular layered looks consists of a sisal or jute bottom layers and an animal hide or print top layer. There are no set in stone rules when layering area rugs. Have fun with it, layer your favorite textures, colors and patterns. 

 (image via West Elm)

Do you like this look? Do you layer rugs in your home?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Let Us Fit Your Dining Chair Style!

Dress Your Dining Space For Any Occasion. Instantly transform the look of the entire room with your style of dining chair cover...

Choose from a selection of form and relaxed fit styles in solid colors and charming patterns to bring out the beauty of your room.

What is your dining chair style? Which slipcover will be dressing your chairs?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Welcoming August And HGTV's Color Of The Month

HGTV has announced on August 1, 2013 their chosen color of the month...

Bright, juicy watermelon is our newest Color of the Month! - See more at:
Bright, juicy watermelon is our newest Color of the Month! - See more at:
Inspired From The Sweet Taste And Refreshing Summery Color, This month's chosen color is --

Bright, juicy watermelon
Bright, Juicy Watermelon 

Whether your spitting seeds or have the sweet juices dribbling down your chin, August is the height of Watermelon season. Celebrate watermelon season with a few tasty and refreshing summer recipes.

Just pull out these totally fun vibrant hues and splash some color into your home!

Watermelon color palette via design seeds

Kinda pinky yet a hint of red, greens and toned down with shades of white... Are you inspired by the watermelon color palette? Then you'll love this bedroom design by interior designer Kelly Berg of Story & Space

What do you think of this refreshing color? Would you or have you brought this color into your home and surroundings?

For more info on HGTV's chosen color for August, Visit HGTV Design Happens and read article by Liz Gray.
Bright, juicy watermelon
Bright, juicy watermelon is our newest Color of the Month! - See more at:
Bright, juicy watermelon is our newest Color of the Month! - See more at:
Bright, juicy watermelon is our newest Color of the Month! - See more at: And

Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Arrival! Pen Pal, Waverly™ by Sure Fit Design

Pen Pal Slipcovers: This unique accent collection is decorated with a playfully scripted French message on cotton canvas "parchment" fabric. Relaxed, one-piece style with a shirred skirt, adjustable ties and corded edging. Machine washable and has a wrinkle-resistant finish for easy care.

For The Wing Chair

Traditional Chair



Dining Chair Skirt

Long Dining Chair Slipcover

 Pillows and Pillow Slips

Would you accent your furniture in this charming design?

LOVE Waverly Fabrics? Then you've got to see our other Exclusive Waverly™ Slipcover Collections, Designs available only at Sure Fit!