Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rugs: Get Floor Protection And Add A Key Element To A Rooms Interior Design.

Use area rugs in a high traffic zone of the home, they will assist in keeping your flooring look like new!
An area rug not only brings warmth and texture to a room -- It can also become the main focal point to anchor the entire room design.

 Sofa and pillows in natural, wing chair in pavement from our Sail Cloth collection; Loft pillows in bark and river; Waverly™ Saddle Stripe rug in brown pulling the entire room design together.
 Unexpected Design Elements; Tips for Decorating With Area Rugs:

Did you know Sure Fit also carries a stylish collection of rugs in wide array of colors and patterns? All of our rugs come in a variety of sizes, from runners to 9 foot by 12 foot area rugs. Shown below are just a few of Sure Fit’s stylish collection of rugs. View our complete selection of rugs.

Do you use area rugs in your home?

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