Friday, August 9, 2013

Interior Design Trends: Layering Area Rugs

A great way to bring texture, color and depth to any room. 

Very functional in defining a space in a large open concept design.(ex. conversational or office space) Popular layered looks consists of a sisal or jute bottom layers and an animal hide or print top layer. There are no set in stone rules when layering area rugs. Have fun with it, layer your favorite textures, colors and patterns. 

 (image via West Elm)

Do you like this look? Do you layer rugs in your home?


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  2. Thank you for sharing this post! I believe that those area rugs can give a different lift in our room. It adds beauty and can eliminate dullness in our space. Layering those rugs is a great way of designing those rugs and adding more twist on your room.

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