Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Traveling With Your Pet Just Got Easier

Introducing Our New Waterproof Auto Bench Seat Cover And Cargo Mat

 Perfect for families with young children, a new puppy, senior pets, drooling dog breeds, or any pet with travel anxiety.

Keep your vehicle's interior looking its best. Extend the practical and stylish solution of waterproof suede to your vehicle to protect upholstery. Contains a laminated backing and bound seaming to prevent leaks, an all-over 4” box quilting and lofty 5 oz. polyester fill adds cushiony comfort. The waterproof bench car seat cover extends over the sides and front and is held in place with an adjustable horizontal back strap and vertical sliding straps. Available in two sizes to fit automobiles, SUVs and vans: Medium (48”-54” seat back) and Large (58”-64” seat back)
The waterproof cargo mat (50” x 58”, for use in either direction) has 2” flaps on each side with 2” fasteners to accommodate wheel wells and seat backs. Both covers available in colors gray and taupe. Machine washable too.

Spills clean-up easily


Stay-put fasteners help cargo mat stay in place.


When traveling with your pets, always remember to have an emergency back-up kit. You never know when you could run into a delay or situation with your pet while out on the road. Here are a items to keep in a plastic storage container. ~ important vet paperwork, food/treats, water bowl and bottled water, collar, leash, ID tags, medications, first-aid kit and a few toys.

Find tips from Pet Health Care Gazette on how to prevent car sickness for your dog.

Car Safety Items for Your Pet featured at Pet 360

 Looking for an accommodating place to travel with pet perks? Find The Top 10 Pet-Friendly Destinations featured at Animal Planet

We Have Waterproof Pet Solutions For The Interior Too

Waterproof Furniture Cover Slipcovers: decorator-quality throw is streamlined, stylish, and waterproof with specially bound seaming to prevent leakage and a waterproof laminated backing. Machine washable and features a generous 39” backdrop with detachable stay-put strap. Available for a sofa, loveseat, chair and wing chair in colors loden, chocolate, cream and taupe.

Discreetly protects furniture from spills and accidents (plus pet hair, wear and tear).

How often do you take your pets for rides in the car? What is your biggest worry when traveling with your pet?

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