Monday, July 16, 2012

Creative Garden Planters To Inspire!

There are many lovely ideas for creating a beautiful and unique container garden. Easy ways to add texture, fragrance and color combinations to your outdoor living space.

Galvenized Pastel Painted Tubs from ivillage Garden Web.

Tiki Torch Planter by Lowes Creative Ideas: Start with a beautiful planter and fill it with soil, tall grasses, and other pretty plants. Stake the solar path lights in the soil, positioning them as you like.

Create a Miniature Garden in a birdbath via Better Homes And Gardens.

Painted Recycled Tire Planters from Birds And Blooms Blog. (For taller tire stacks, fill the bottom with rocks or other fill materials before adding potting soil.)

Succulents in a water fountain by Debra Lee Baldwin, from her book Succulent Container Gardens.

Mobile Container Garden using galvanized metal trash cans and casters by Brian Patrick Flynn via HGTV. Drill holes in bottom for drainage fill 3/4 with empty two liter soda bottles then soil and plants.

Shutter Planter by Lilia B Designs via Sunset: To hold the rootballs in place, Chapman ( stapled weed-cloth pockets behind each shutter.

A Riot Of Colorful Plants And Bright Terra Cotta Planters via HGTV. Plants include geraniums, creeping jenny, alyssum, lobelia, nasturtiums, petunias and Lamium.

Terra Cotta Planter Spilling Over with Riveria Marine Blue Lobelia via 2BSeeds.

Not a planter but creative rain spout trellis design by Garpa: Hide your rain spout by transforming into a decorative climbing support for your favorite flowering climbing vine.

Galvanized planter hanging on it's side on a shepherds hook via Samplers and Santas


Which Style Would Best Fit Into Your Outdoor Living Space?



  1. the tires are sooooooooooooooo cool!!!! Those are my faves!!

  2. Love the trellis over the downspout!