Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Fifth Wall: Painted Ceilings

Deciding on a colour palette for your room can always be a challenge. But don't forget your ceilings... Create a super stunning room when incorporating your ceiling into your design.

"The era of the bright-white ceiling is over"
Painting the ceiling is a great way to brighten your space and add dimension.

This ceiling painted in a warm golden tone to create a more intimate feel.

Paint the ceiling a shade lighter than the walls to visually raise it. Go a shade darker to bring it down and add a feeling of coziness.

A huge trend in interior design these days is to stir things up a little. Paint your ceiling a completly different color or even add a pattern.

Stripes are a stylish way to elongate a space, perfect in a room that may be a bit smaller.

Designed by Krista Salmon via House Of Turquoise

Stunning bedroom in hues of aqua and teal throughout with stencil accents on the ceiling. 

Want your ceiling to pop with color? Choose a vibrant hue and play the ceiling off of neutral or stark white walls. This contrast is sure to have this effect.

 Here the ceiling works beautifully off the bedding, headboard and accessories.

The dark painted ceiling creates dimension and a feeling of shelter.
via Southern Accents

Have you tried a new wall covering technique or paint scheme on any of your ceilings throughout your home?

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