Thursday, July 5, 2012

Adaptable Design

Does your taste in decor change frequently? Consider a basic earth tone or neutral color scheme so you can easily give your space a new look by accenting and accessorizing with your favorite seasonal colors.

Perfect Earth Tones For Fall And Winter

Crisp and Refreshed Neutrals For Spring And Summer

Everyday Casual Wear In Denim

Adding Pops Of Red For The Holidays, Christmas Decor

Keep it simple with a basic color palette and rotate your accessories throughout the seasons and holidays! Bring the season's trendy colors and modern pattern into your adaptable design through pillows and pillow slips, window treatments - drapes and your throw rugs.

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  1. the top photo is more of like what I do. I keep the furniture in basic earth tones and add pillows, rugs, etc! And of course, our Sure Fit Pet throw!