Thursday, February 28, 2013

Floral Design Day!

Today February 28, 2013 is Floral Design Day!
Flower Power
Floral design is an important cultural art form that has spanned thousands of years. Today's a day to enjoy and appreciate flowers in all forms and shapes. Whether they’re printed on fabric, painted on surfaces or arranged into bouquets.
Find out how to arrange this amazing Succulent Floral Arrangement from Frankie hearts fashion
**Did you know in different cultures: When giving flowers, always give an odd number as even numbers are considered to be bad luck.
Bring Spring Indoors: Refresh and restyle traditional furniture in a flirty floral pattern.
Stretch Leanne Slipcover Collection is a room in full bloom: Make this season's "country-chic" look your own. Fill any room with a charming and warm country floral bouquet. Fresh and inviting with designer details like corded edging and beautifully draped ruffled skirting.
Be Inspired, Visit Decorate With Floral Patterns On Pinterest!

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