Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Home Tips On Tuesdays: The Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen cabinets neat and organized can be daunting task. Here are a few clever ideas for helpful storage solutions.

Enter the utilitarian pegboard. Tall pegs, inserted into the pegboard that lines the bottom of the drawer, keep dishes in place to minimize potential chipping and breaking. Plus, the pegs can be reconfigured if you want to change arrangements or get new dishes that are a different size. via Better Homes and Gardens

T-molding designed for wood floor transitions makes a perfect rack for stemware. Just cut it to length, predrill screw holes and screw it to the underside of a shelf. 

Use a magazine rack to store pots and pan lids. (Would be a helpful solution for tupperware lids too) 


A clever way to stay organized in those kitchen cabinets - Cutting Board Storage Rack attached to the door. Use a single wall mounted magazine rack or Diy with this helpful tutorial.

Use wire closet racks on a slant in kitcheb cabinets or pantries to store soup cans.

Free up drawer space by hanging measuring cups inside a kitchen cabinet. Position and mount a wood strip so that the cups will hang between the shelves and allow the door to close completely. Mount a second strip for your measuring spoons, then screw in cup hooks on both strips.

Above Tips via The Family Handyman

Quick and simple knife block you can make yourself. Directions at The Family HandyMan

Tension Rod Solution

Rethink how you use tension curtain rods. Place rows of the affordable window treatment hardware inside a cabinet to keep baking sheets and serving trays upright and well-organized.

Getting creative to put every nook and cranny to use. Hang your cleaning spray bottles to free up shelf space.
via they say a picture is worth a thousand words

Cookie Cutter Solution
Keep cookie cutters from getting lost in the bottom of a drawer by simply stacking them on a paper towel holder.

Give your trash and recyclables a designated, yet tucked away spot. This door looks like all the other cabinet doors in the kitchen, but instead of opening on a hinge, it pulls out to reveal a trash can and recycling bin.
via Better Homes and Gardens

Functional and stylish accessories for kitchen storage. Great for maximizing cabinet storage space, Store dinnerware in cabinets or food items in the pantry.
via Organize.com

Incorporate a few of these clutter-busting features when you hit the kitchen cabinets for some Spring cleaning.


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