Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Loose Back Cushions? No Problem!

At Sure Fit we know all furniture is not made alike. That's why we offer slipcovers in a variety of constructions.

We recently introduced three piece slipcovers. Our three piece slipcovers are designed with a separate seat cushion cover, a back cushion cover and a slipcover for the base. The sofa size can accommodate up to three loose back cushions and seat cushions. Check out our website for measuring details. With a three piece slipcover you can have a custom-look for your furniture, without the custom made price! We offer this style slipcover in chair, loveseat and sofa sizes.

The Stretch Three Piece slipcover fits tightly around the contours of your furniture. Memory stretch fabric and all-around elastic provide a clean, sleek look that goes on easily and stays in place.

For a more casual look try the Cotton Duck Three Piece slipcover. Pure cotton is exceptionally durable and machine washable for easy care. Kick back and relax with these classic lines.


  1. do these work alright on couches that have skirts? should I just duct tape my skirt up underneath before putting on the slipcover?

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding~Our slipcovers with skirts when using our regular fabrics,these covers have straight skirts that hang down to the floor and cover the existing skirt. When using our stretch fabrics, the skirt may need to be pinned up out of the way. Our stretch fabrics have more of a contoured fit compared to our regular fabrics which lay on the furniture more loosely.

  3. Help! I just learned about Sure Fit and NEED a three-piece slipcover for loose-back cushions, but you're all sold out!

    I could KICK myself for missing the clearance, which would have been an UNBELIEVABLE deal on this revolutionary product! Please let me know when you'll get more of the three-piece sets! I seriously NEED this product! And I've done more homework; there's just ONE more left on the net -- on eBay, and it's a long shot!

    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! It's so beautiful and I need it! Please get more of this product!!!' Please!!!

  4. Hi Thom,
    You could give our customer service a call and that could let you know what is available at the present time. Call Toll Free (888) 796-0500 Not sure which design your looking at... Three piece or three piece stretch and for what piece of furniture...sofa, loveseat, chair ect... Give a call and hopefully we can Help!

  5. I thought I'd share this. I bought a 3 piece loveseat slipcover and I love it. My loveseat has 2 loose cushions for the back. I put them in the Surefit "pillow cover", but I didn't like the way the inner corners of the encased pillows stuck up. Then I had an idea. I had a faded outdoor loveseat cushion for a wicker settee that I had retired. I took the loose cushions out of the loveseat pillow cover and replaced with the faded loveseat cushion. It fit perfectly, and no "pillow bumps" in the middle!

  6. I would like to order the three piece with loose back cotton duck in bluestone, however, I do not see it on the web page. Is it still in stock for loveseat and sofa?