Monday, August 24, 2009

New Blog, New Products!

Welcome to the launch of the new Sure Fit blog!  Look for exciting previews of new products, decorating ideas and tips, special blog-only promotions from time to time and more.  Sure Fit is always innovating and looking for new solutions based on customer feedback.  We welcome comments, product reviews and suggestions from our readers.  Take a look at some of our new products.

Pet Throws

  Our new pet throws are a simple and budget friendly way to protect your furniture from pet fur and stains.  The pet throws simply drape over your furniture and protect the seat, back and arms from pet wear and tear.  They are completely affordable too, the sofa size retails for only $49.99.

Transit Covers

Planning on traveling by plane, bus or train in the near future?  We recommend one of our new transit covers. Not only is flu season soon going to be upon us, but there is also the very real threat of bed bugs living on your transit seat.  Protect yourself with a transit cover, a stretch slipcover that fits over most transit seats.


  1. I think it is great that you have added multiple cushion options, but as I emailed you and asked you over four years ago--when is a longer-size couch cover going to be available. The trends have changed and you seem to understand that with your new additions, but we interior designers need to offer an oversized cover for couches that now measure 108". Please help!

  2. Rochelle,
    The maximum outside arm to arm we carry is96 inches. At this time,the demand for larger covers is very small. I realize this does not help you with your dilemma of needing an oversized couch cover. We always take all requests into consideration. In the future if the demand is there we would hope to add larger covers to our collection. Check back with us! Sorry we couldn't help you at this time.