Monday, July 11, 2011

Make Your Patio Or Outdoor Living Space Personal And Inviting.

You want your guests to feel comfortable and at home when they visit! Add some personal yet comfy touches to do just that!

Set your outdoor furniture in a conversational setting! Positioning is important so play around with it! You want your furniture arrangement to scream "come have a seat and stay awhile".


Throws and pillows: Add pillows to add color, texture and comfort. Throws will leave your space feeling very homey and perfect to have accessible on those chilly evenings.

Color: The cushions on your furniture can provide a welcome splash of color, as well as make the space more comfortable and inviting. Add that pop of color in the flowers and the planters you choose and look into adding some interesting exterior wall art.

via Design Indulgences

Music and Scent: Look into a unit for the outdoors that will let you kick back and enjoy your favorite tunes, also the soothing melody of wind chimes. Choose flowers that have a nice aromatic scent.

Landscaping: Landscaping is a fantastic way to expand your color palette by adding Colorful perennials and shrubs. Accent stones come in a variety of colors and don't be shy add a few of your favorite garden critters. Get creative and create a focal point, A water feature or fireplace are attractive focal points. Don't forget an area of shade for those that don't appreciate the direct sun in the middle of the afternoon. Don't forget your own personal touches... possibly a swing, hammock, or fountain(tranquility... Who doesn't love hearing the soft sound of water in the background!)