Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Decorating With Pets!

Keep your interiors stylish and comfortable while having pets around the home.

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Pets are important additions to our lives. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your home pet friendly yet style and comfort in mind.
Carpeting is a difficult option to keep clean, hair free and reduce nail snags. Shag carpeting would be a big no no!  If you are one that enjoys the comfort of carpeting, consider using a low pile carpet with a single woven loop. This will protect it from nail snags and make it easier to clean. Hardwood and tile flooring are your best options. Be sure you choose a very hard wood when selecting a hardwood floor to reduce scratches.

 Choosing the fabrics that you bring into your home is one very important decision you make in a house with pets. Many fabrics can be hair magnet and should be avoided. Choose a fabric that is both stain resistant and doesn’t attract fur. If you already have difficult fabric invest in a pet throw or slipcover to keep your furniture clean. Some pet friendly fabrics include crypton, leather and ultra suede. Keep your pet’s fur color in mind when selecting fabric colors. For example you wouldn't want a light neutral colored sofa with dark fur pets.

 Entrance and Exit
 It is ideal to have an entrance and exit for your pet that is designed to deal with the muddy paws and other dirt they bring in from exploring outside. Choose flooring that is easy to wipe clean and have storage in the area where you can keep leashes and cleaning products for quick and easy access. (A garage would be the perfect spot)

Are you not the only one that thinks your bed is a cozy place for a snooze? Either train your pets not to sleep on the bed or get a washable bed protector to eliminate fur build up, stains and smells. You may want to put a mattress pad down between your mattress and sheets in case of an accident. Invest in a pet bed and teach them that is the place they lay to relax.

 To keep your interiors looking their best... clean as needed with frequent vacuuming and wiping down surfaces and furniture.  Keep your home smelling fresh... air fresheners, plugins and scented candles are helpful with keeping smells at bay. If you have rugs , use a carpet deodorizer before you vacuum and consider a yearly carpet shampoo. The best decorated home can look a bit shabby when covered in fur and smells of pets. 
Pet Accessories
Get in on the creative pet accessories that are both fun for pets and attractive in the home. They may cost a bit more but combining functionality and appearance is worth it.


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