Monday, July 25, 2011

A Fabulous New Design And Other Tips To Add Texture To Your Room!

 Texture is often an overlooked component of interior design. You may have the most beautiful decor in the world but the same visual tone throughout, it can feel flat. Texture makes your home more interesting to look at! Enhance a room's texture and add depth!

Add different tones with color. Adding variations in color add visual interest. Using only one color can be flat, Choose two or three and mix them in the furniture, paint and accessories. Texturize your painting method, emphasize a wall and the ceiling in a different tone. Add wallpaper, so many different modern and textured styles to choose from.

The scent of your room is an important element to the texture of a room. Be sure not to overpower. Light a candle or consider an air freshener or linen spray.

Stretch Baxter features an all over textured-looking print that is sure to impress. Add this textured print over many pieces of furniture. Available to cover your sofa, loveseat, chair, wing chair, recliner, pillows and pillow slips!


Available In Brown And Tan

What is underfoot? A throw or area rug instantly defines and add texture to a space especially when applied over a hardwood floor. Shop for interesting lighting... choose one that includes a three way bulb for controllable light effects or a dimmer switch to your existing.

Adding natural items like plants and stone, excellent sources for texture. Incorporate some natural items in your decor. 

How do you incorporate texture into your home?

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