Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Easily Make Rooms In Your Home Feel More Spacious.

Many homeowners feel that their home is too small. Whether it's the square footage or just decor choices that make your home feel crowded. There are some tips to create a spacious look and feel to your home.

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~Avoid Clutter: Too much visual distraction makes a space feel crowded. Accessorize with only your favorite pieces, Keep it simple and easy to clean.

~Limit your color scheme: A room decorated with one main color will appear more peaceful and be perceived as a whole, giving the illusion of increased space. Slipcovers are perfect to easily create that one main color for your furniture.

~Keep the walls light: Your home will appear larger and have an increased sense of flow if the walls are light in color. If your furniture and decor are in warm colors then choose an ivory or light beige. If your furnishings are in the cool tones, choose a wall color in a light gray or cool white with a hint of blue or green.

~Limit Furnishings: Use a few choice pieces, be sure not to over clutter the space! 
  • In the Living Room, Skip the coffee table if an end table will suffice.
  • In the Bedroom, use only one nightstand. For lighting, choose some wall sconces above the bed and consider moving the dresser into the closet. 
  • In the Kitchen, consider installing an island to eat around instead of a full dining ensemble.
~Use your furniture as storage: Install hooks on the backs of doors. Use a chest as a coffee table. Get roll out boxes to store under beds. Use a three drawer dresser as a nightstand.  Utilize the space under stairs. 

~Remove area rugs: Remove them from all rooms, even the bathrooms. Area rugs do add coziness and warmth but at the same time can shrink a space.

~Ovoid window coverings: extend your views outdoors. If window coverings is a must, choose a thin fabric that will blend with the wall color. 

~Add Mirrors: They will assist in reflecting light and space. Hand in the entry or over a sofa.

Have any tips to create a more spacious space?

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  1. Not all the time, you need to buy new things for your home or room when doing home makeovers. Actually, your used furniture and decors are good tools for making your home look new. You'll just need a little creativity in re-arranging your stuff. Maybe a good color scheme for your walls can produce an optical illusion of spaciousness in your room. Just use your imagination. You can make a room look glamorous.

    Blake Mitchell