Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Add A Little Something Extra To Your Outdoors.

Happy First Day Of Summer

June 21, 2011

As the warm weather approaches it is time to take family living outdoors. Conversations and dinners out on the back deck or patio.

Create a peaceful back garden oasis. Add some new decorative pieces to your outdoors that will be calling you to go outdoors. Enhance your experience and add items that will bring personal expression, enjoyment and relaxation.

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Here are some ideas to do just that...

~Statues: Very Popular in Garden accessories, Some love fairies, gnomes, or even their favorite animals or insects.

~Bird Baths Or Feeders: Go very elaborate or simple, Go with a wild bird food that will attract many kinds of wild. Relax the lazy days of summer bird watching.

~Chimes: Sound will give your landscape depth... so go big, make sure that harmonious tune is heard!

~Chimineas And Fire Pits: Makes for a nice warm spot on the cool summer nights. Choose from traditional to contemporary and a finish that will go with your homes exterior. Fun times around the fire pit roasting marshmallows.

~Hammock: Choose one on a stand or hang from tree to tree. Create a relaxing spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors maybe even an afternoon nap.

~Outdoor Cushions: Making sure your patio furniture cushions are comfy is important. Everyone loves a great space to sit and relax. Great way to add some bold fun colors to your outdoor living space.

~Awning, Umbrella, Pergola: Be sure to have a shaded spot to get out of the suns direct heat and also a beautiful way to add color or architecture.

~Planters And Hanging Baskets: Add some dimension to your space. Plant some palms or small shrubs in these decorative planters. Consider even a vegetable garden planted in a large planter with a trellis for the vegetables that need the support. Hanging baskets are a great complement, they look great hung around the perimeter or on decorative shepherd hooks.

~Hibiscus: Consider this flowering shrub or trees when potting or planting around your living space. They are very popular for their big and colorful blooms all summer long. They do well with a lot of sun and dry weather.

~Wall Art: Weatherproof and made to sustain the outdoor elements. If you have an empty wall without a window, express yourself and choose a piece of art that makes you feel happy inside!

~Fountains: Create A Sanctuary Of Calm In Your Home Or Garden. The soothing sound of water flowing can really help wash away those worries and lift the spirits, helping to transform an ordinary garden into the perfect escape from the noise and rush of modern life. 

~Create A Space That Calls You Outdoors~

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