Sunday, October 14, 2012

Furry Friends Of The H.H. Backer's Pet Industry Christmas Trade Show.

We are having a wonderful time at the H.H. Backer's Pet Industry Christmas Trade Show. It's been amazing to meet so many great people and the pet products we've had the chance to see on display are out of this world. Take a look at our furry friends that we had the honor of meeting. So glad they stopped by our booth to lounge on our furniture and sample our pet throws and covers.

 Meet Puzzi from Pet-Zet... She is the Art and Style editor of Puzzi Chat. Always looking for chic spots and products for her four legged friends. She loved the sherpa side to our new reversible suede and sherpa cover.

Meet Teddy from Golly Gear, A pet store in the Illinois area that specializes in Fun, affordable and practical items for small dogs.
 Meet Cinch
Meet Trace

Meet Layla

Meet Vadder

Meet Enzo
Today is the last day of the show, So if you're in the Illinois area and attending... Please stop by Sure Fit Inc Booth 4815 ~ We'd love to meet you and your furry friends!


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