Thursday, October 4, 2012

Decorating With Pumpkins

"Pumpkins" Add instant color and charm with this most simple and natural fall accent. Get creative with your Fall decorating. Add some personality with fun and stylish ways to display pumpkins throughout your home.
Pumpkins on Porches
Adding some Autumn flair to the outside of your home with fall-themed items around your front door. Emphasis on natural elements... Pumpkin in various shapes and sizes -  bales of hay - mums in rustic wooden baskets
via HGTV
Pumpkins on Candlesticks
White pumpkins look striking when perched on dark wood candlesticks. Arrange your display on a dining room table or fireplace mantel.
Pumpkin Fall Centerpiece
Create a pumpkin vase with flowers. Select a large pumpkin, cut off the top, and scoop out pulp and seeds. Place a container inside to hold water and add flowers.
Pumpkin Decorated Fireplace and Mantel
Create a colorful autumn display on the mantel. Whether around art or a flat screen tv there is always possibilites. Add height with mums and willow branches. A touch of color through your pumpkin and gourds - elegance and charm with candles.(battery lit used here)
This great display via Garden Guru Chris Olsen featured at At Home in Arkansas
Simple and elegant pumpkin displays
Showcase your autumn harvest under a trio of elegant glass cloches and gather in bowls.

Family Fun With Pumpkins
Get the entire family involved when re-creating your family in pumpkin form. (Don't forget the family pets, a gourd was used here)
image and tutorial via all you
What are your favorite ways to decorate around your house for Fall?
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