Thursday, October 18, 2012

Design Trends and Tips

Open Concept Designs: A trend that has been around for a long time. Walking through the front door and into your entry foyer, where you are able to see most of the main entertaining spaces of the home.

Furniture Arrangement: Keep your living room warm and welcoming - Remember, Never push furniture against the walls. Pull in your seating into a conversational arrangement. If your room is small, even a few inches makes a difference.
Area Rugs: Never use area rugs that are too small. Remember that all of the furniture should comfortably sit on the carpet. If space doesn't allow, be sure the front legs of any furniture pieces are on the rug.
 (image via Chris Barrett Design)

Green Lighting: Many homeowners are becoming more energy conscious and LED lighting choices have begun to gain popularity. These lights are more expensive to purchase, but will provide considerable savings in energy costs.

Repurposing Furniture: Get creative with what you already have. Adding new paint or fabric can provide a stunning new look to an old piece. Mixing and matching is a trend of the past. Expressing yourself in unique styles has become more popular these days. Let your personality shine. 

Make old and dated furniture look new again with ready-made Sure Fit Slipcovers. Stretch fabrics available for a custom fit look ~ Relaxed Fit for a chic casual style.

Another great example is this half-table console.

Don't send your old table to the curb due to a missing or loose leg. Give new life and purpose by creating a console for the entryway or hallway.
How to via Martha Stewart

Do you have any personal design trends that are rule of thumb in your house?


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