Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stumps and Trunks, The Love Of Fallen Trees!

Has a tree fallen in your yard lately? It doesn't have to be considered an unsightly eyesore... The stump, trunk or branches from a tree can make charming additions to the home. Get creative and put that trunk or stump to great use inside and outside the home.

 Tree stumps are coming home and bringing a bit of nature inside by being transformed as tables, a base for a table and stools to just about any room of your home. Some keeping their natural color and others being painted to bring on a chic cottage feel!

Decorating with Nature: Tree tables
Image with how to from Martha Stewart

Tree Stump Coffee Tables
Image and how to from Thrifty and Chic


Four Directions Birch Bed

Outdoor Living And Landscape Design

 Bulgaria is where you can find this piece of heaven. Amazing how the backyard furniture are created from fallen trees.

images: Alexandar Novoselski via: Nash Dom on 79 Ideas

Designer Jamie Durie framed this outdoor dining room by incorporating a large backyard pine tree into a stone wall. The benches are made of simple fallen tree trunks, an easy, inexpensive way to create gorgeous outdoor seating.

Photo By Tonya McCahon via Natural Home And Garden 

Tree Trunk Rounds To Build A Rustic Garden Pathway

Image Via Yahoo, Article by

Has the tree fallen but not uprooted? Here are a few creative ideas to use those stumps to make them an attractive spotlight in your garden or landscape.

Have a seat...  Remove the ruggedness and that stump can be used as a chair to sit next to your garden.

via J. Gordon of Forestry and Arboricultural

A beautiful natural tree stump planter...

Image and How To via This Old House

 Decorating with that tree trunk or stump may not be such a bad idea after all. What have you made?


  1. I didn't just "like" this post I LOVED IT!!

    You touched upon one of my most FAVORITE things! Incorporating WOOD into a home...natural wood

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