Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stage Your Home For A Quick Sale

When putting your house on the market, you will be wanting to sell as quickly as possible and in hopes of getting your asking price. Staging can help...

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What is Staging? It is a method of decorating a home to show off it's most impressive assets. Impress buyers that walk through the door to hopefully get a sale quickly at the highest possible price.

Staging is not mandatory but when trying to sell one of your biggest lifetime investments, it is well worth the extra effort. Here a few "How To" tips to remember.

Exterior, Curb Appeal:
First impressions matter, Keep buyers interested and eager to want to walk through the front door to see what's inside. Keep lawn and landscaping well maintained while your house is on the market. Plant some flowers to add some color. Powerwash any exterior that looks to have ground in dirt and add a fresh coat of paint if needed. Clean windows and front door. Add a new clean welcoming doormat and seating on the front porch if it allows. If there is a showing in the evening hours, be sure to keep porch lights on along with any other outdoor lighting you have.

Buyers love walking into a home that is spotless and feels well kept. You want them to imagine themselves living there and not wanting to rush out because they are disgusted by the dirt. Let your countertops in kitchens and bathrooms sparkle! If carpets are stained or dirty, rent a carpet cleaner from your local hardware store or hire a professional. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way on sprucing up and neutralizing wall colors.

Declutter & Depersonalize:
This is a great opportunity to make your house look as spacious as possible. Help the buyer to notice all the special features of your home without worring that there won't be enough space for their belongings. Rehome these decluttered items until your house is sold. (rent a storage unit or store in a family member's basement) You want buyers to envision themselves in your home, removing family photos and personal items is important.

Make All Repairs:
Don't leave obvious holes or cracks in the walls or ceilings. Anything broken and repairable should be.

Furniture Placement:
Keep it simple and make sure your furniture is the correct size for the space your decorating. Furniture that is too big can make a room appear small and crowded. Pull furniture pieces away from walls if possible and use pairs (sofas, chairs) Keep it cozy and welcoming such as conversational seating around a fireplace. Choose neutrals colors to paint walls and tone down furniture upholstery. Slipcovers are an affordable way to restyle your existing pieces of furniture in neutral colors or refresh pieces that may be stained or worn.

Do you have extra or empty rooms? Don't use these rooms for storage. Show off every inch of your homes usable space. Each room should have a defined purpose. An office or guest bedroom is a wise choice when fulfilling needs of home buyers.

If your home is being shown during the daytime hours, Open those window treatments and let the natural light in. In the evening hours, turn all the lights on throughout the home. Replace all bulbs that have burned out.

Beware of Odors:
Ask a friend or neighbor to help you out with this one. Most homeowners are immune to their own smells. Pet odors are a big reason for concern. Be sure to vacuum well and wipe all surfaces to be free of fur. Keep pet beds or crates in the garage during showings and take animals out of the house if possible. If you are a smoker and you have plans to put your house on the market... Try to take it outdoors. Stale smoke is another hard odor to get rid of. Cleaning, deoderizing and lighting a candle can help remove these smells. ~ Don't forget to take the trash out.

Final Touches:
Add a few last minute touches just before a showing or open house. Include some fresh cut flowers,a fresh scent throughout the home and nicely placed plush towels in the bathrooms. If you have a fireplace and it's a cold day, have your fireplace on low for the perfect homey ambience.

Try to allow your staging efforts to appeal to the widest range of buyers so you can get many interests and sell your home at top asking price.

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