Friday, June 8, 2012

Don't Let Pet Hair Take Over Your House!

Summer is here, And for those of you with pets... Its shedding season. Don't let unwanted shed take over your home. Try to get on a grooming schedule, follow a few of these tips and visit our Pet Products For The Home to see if we have a home pet solution that will save you time.

If you have pets that are heavy shedders, it can be very time consuming keeping on top it. Feeling as if there is a forever coating of fur that makes it way onto your clothes, floor /carpeting, upholstery and even into your car.

Here are a few helpful tips and solutions for removing pet hair...

Preventative is key: The first step in to get on a grooming schedule(brush daily) and wash all pet beds and linens that your pet has contact with regularly.

Vacuum: Do this daily for best results. Choose a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. There are several new styles that are engineered to remove pat hair from many surfaces.(misting with a spray bottle first can be helpful) Special attachments available to make the process easier. Do you vacuum your pets? Did you know there are pet grooming tools available to attach to your vacuum.

Dampen the palm of your hand or sponge and wipe in a downward motion. Hair should stick or clump together that you can then pick up.

Rubber / Latex Gloves or Broom: Create a Static Charge - Rub surface to remove unwanted hair. Dampen for increased effectiveness.

Hair and lint tape roller: Especially helpful to remove fur that has attached to your clothes.(If you don't have these on hand - duck tape works too) 

Helpful & Machine Washable Solutions From Sure Fit:

For The Home

Slipcovers are the perfect way to refresh and protect your furniture. Relaxed and form fit available to fit your style.

Pet Furniture Covers and Throws: Easy and budget-friendly way to protect your favorite furniture from dogs, cats, pet fur, and stains.

For Your Car Or Truck

Deluxe Reversible Suede & Sherpa Auto Bench Seat Protector: Road trips with the kids and pets... Keep your vehicle's interior looking it's best with these easily removable car seat covers. Our innovative automobile seat protector is designed in comfortable faux suede with box-stitched quilting and lofty 4 oz. filling, reversing to fluffy sherpa for two looks in one. Available for a medium and large seat in colors graphite and taupe. Machine Washable.


Deluxe Reversible Suede & Sherpa Cargo Mat: Pamper pet lovers and furry friends while protecting the back of your automobile from pet hair, stains and wear. The perfect solution for those road trips with your pets. Also, a gardener's secret to keeping your cargo space clean when picking up new plants and bags of soil. Available in colors graphite and taupe and Machine washable!


Always looking for fresh new ideas... Please leave a comment below if you have any pet hair removal tips to share.



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