Friday, October 14, 2011

Spice Up Your Home Decor With Zebra Animal Print

Make your decor stand out from any other pattern that you have used in your home when you decorate with Animal Print. Whether you use it as a main theme or accent in a space, the results are striking!

Animal Print is a trend that is still going strong-both in fashion and home decor and is a fun addition to the home.  It can be used in many different homes containing many different decor styles. When going for a safari look, use multiple animal prints repeatedly. If you like the chic look yet don't want it to be overbearing, just a touch with accents of the print to your decor keeping it subtle but eye-catching.


Create a fabulous new look and show off your "wild side" with our Plush Animal Throws. Place one of our Plush Animal furniture throws over your sofa, chair or loveseat and enjoy a great new style. All one color yet achieve the great zebra pattern and texture without the overly busy feel.

This pattern is available in Snow, Sable, Ebony, Espresso and Mineral.


Celebrate the diversity of the natural world with this fun, funky print. This soft, plush fabric in a classic zebra pattern for your futon. This Velvet Zebra futon cover is sure to make a statement in any room setting.

Pillows pack a punch! They make a perfect accent to a classic decor style. Don’t feel you have to be bound to the usual black or brown colors of a zebra print – look how fun these other color options would be!

Keep in mind, we not only carry the pillows but we do make pillow slips to cover your existing pillows and removable for machine washable ease.

Create a dramatic look with the Seville Zebra Rug. This hand-made collection is crafted of heavy wool and utilizes different pile height and yarn types to maximize texture. A runner and many other sizes available for your decorating needs!

Animals prints... A great way to express you personality with this trendy style. Add flair to your d├ęcor with these Lamp Shade Covers. These are form-fitting, removable, and universally sized covers designed specifically for lamp shades. Choose from drum or cone shaped covers in a medium or large size and there is no need to vacuum off the shade because these are machine washable. Available in a Black and Brown Zebra striping and a Leopard Pattern.



 Let your imagination run wild with animal prints. Other great accents would be some photos with zebra print and maybe a candle or two with the animal pattern of your choice. Get Creative and trim your curtains or drapes with  a touch of zebra and drape a faux fur throw over a chair or sofa.

Remember a little animal print goes a long way... keep it simple so your space won't feel too busy or chaotic but very fashionable and stylish!

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  1. OMG a dear friend of mine would just LOVE the leopard print!