Friday, October 7, 2011

Decorating with pillows to add interest...

Never underestimate the decorative touch of a throw pillow!

When your room is in need of some kind of change... consider adding accent pillows to add character to your room and to bring in an instant pop of color.

Stretch Suede Separate Seat in chocolate with a pop of the Plush Animal Pillow in mineral. 
(pictured above)

For a unique look go for an odd number of pillows rather than traditional pairing! Give the room a lot of character by using many different sizes and shapes. Try finding the same accent colors but in different patterns!

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If you do have solid colored pillows, make sure they are pulling together other colors in the room. (drapes, throw rug ect...)

 Stretch Pique Three Piece T-cushion in Garnet for the sofa with a mix of the Stretch Pique Pillows in Chocolate, Garnet and Antique. The Chocolate picks up the colors in the drapes and the Antique picks up the color of the Stretch Pique Wing Chair in Antique. 
(pictured above)

If you buy a patterned throw pillow, be sure that pattern picks up at least one color that is already in your space. Adding a print next to a solid works nicely together!

The Lotus Pillow Slips are a crowd pleaser with it's attractive golden tones.

 The Wave Pillow Slips are sure to give your space a boost with multi-color waves patterns.

The Raffina Stripe Pillow add a seasonal touch to your home decor with stripes of tan, rust red and brown.

The Stretch Olivia Pillows are a great way to add a feminine touch with it's striking bold floral design on a white-colored background.

In design, odd numbers tend to be more eye catching. Try one, three, or five, depending on the size of your furniture and the look you want. Go crazy with an eclectic look... Larger with smaller and different patterns but at least one color in common to give your pillow arrangement some unity.

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Pillows are a great way to express yourself and the decor style your in search of. It is not always necessary to repeat fabric patterns, just the colors...

Are you trying to get in touch with your lively and wild side?

Animal Plush Pillow in Sable and Animal Stripe Pillow in various colors.

The Squares Pillow is sure to add a modern yet funky pattern to your space with the geometric squares!


The Soft Suede Pillow in both a square and striped pattern yet using the same colors.

The Fabrics you choose is a great way to spice up a decor... Texture, texture and more texture!!

The Bristol Pillow comes in a gorgeous color combinations - Cream/Coffee and sure to add texture.

Layer the pillows of different texture beside one another... A rigid linen against a smooth suede creates quite a look!

Stretch Links features a geometric pattern cut into our luxurious Stretch Velvet for a truly unique and modern look.

Stretch Baxter features an all over textured-looking print that is sure to impress.

As the cooler weather is rolling in we are given even more elements to work with. Easily add color and texture to your space your decorating with Throws. Love the throws with fringed ends to add character.

The Coronado Lap Throws add a bit of warmth and comfort, & toasty color to your living room. 

The Stretch Pique Two Seat with Chaise Sectional Covers are available in both left and right side chaises and a number of color options. (pictured above) Adding the pillows and the throw add visual interest and great style!


Get Creative... Simple and budget-friendly changes using pillows and throws can make a huge impact on the space your decorating! 

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