Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Patterned Rug Is Perfect For Adding Visual Interest!

When looking for the perfect rug to decorate your room, consider a rug  with a pattern to add unique style and contrast. 
How to determine if a patterned rug will look appropriate? When most furniture and accents in the room are lacking pattern, a patterned rug can add visual interest. If you are mixing patterns,  you can create a cohesive look.  Mix patterns that have something in common, such as color or size and type of pattern. 

There are patterned area rugs that will suit any interior. A very formal and classic designed room to a more casual room. The pattern you choose will depend on the way other elements look such as the style of furniture and the colors that you use on walls, pillows and window treatments.

If you have a minimalistic interior and furniture that is plain, you can work with to go rugs that are very strong patterned. Consider a modern approach such as an abstract pattern or geometric shapes. Add visual interest while keeping within your overall style.

From traditional to contemporary, A Zebra Rug adds color, texture and a sense of movement in any room.


Looking to add some contrast, you can't go wrong with stripes to add visual interest to a room.

many color combos available

Like furnishings and paint, floor coverings will greatly affect the overall style and mood of a room! Be sure to enhance your space and not disrupt it.

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