Thursday, April 28, 2011

Add Drapes To Your Homes Decor For a Luxurious Feel!

 Drapery is a luxurious way to add color, pattern and texture.

There are so many options and choices of fabrics, tracks, rods, styles and headings for drapery. Which curtains best suit the windows in your home?  It's all in the details...





Drapes are made of heavier materials than normal curtains. For this reason, they can be harder to decorate with. They bring more weight to the room. At the same time, they can also bring more texture to the room which adds to making the room look and feel more interesting.

Choosing the right colors and the right placement are crucial to making drapery work in your design. Consider the simple touches like the shape of the drapes, the length and the rod you hang them on.


If you want to create a room that is really dramatic in appearance then choose dark drapes. Don't be afraid to double up on your windows. For instance... using drapes along with a roman shade or blinds which allows you to let light in. Use a decorative hold back or tieback to enhance this textured look.

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