Saturday, April 23, 2011

Decorate With Clocks!

 Decorating with wall clocks can add color, design and life to your room.

Clocks... A great decor element to add to your home as you are missing your loved ones living, stationed and deployed in other time zones. It may be your homeland that you originated from or your absolute favorite place to visit or vacation to.

Time Zone Art ~ Get Creative

Keep up with friends and family from around the world by turning several clocks into a stylish and functional piece of wall art. You may use three or more identical clocks and set one to your home time zone and the others to time zones of your choice. When hanging them on the wall create a label, postcard, or photograph to correspond to each clock. Include the name of the city / country and the name of your loved one. 

via Real Simple

Hang a plain, empty picture frame around the clocks to create the look of cutting-edge style.

Look below at the amazing elegant look that can be achieved with framed decal wall stickers.


Clocks are not only a functional item, but it can be great for decoration as well. Set clocks to the time zones of your long-distance loved ones and think about them whenever you check the hour. A row of clocks truly combines functionality with decoration. 


~Create your own great wall design, and easily stay connected with family and friends in different time zones.~

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