Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Decorating With Mirrors

When decorating a room, it's those special details that make a difference. A mirror is one of the most versatile pieces used when designing a room. They make a space appear larger, reflect light or a view and become a stunning focal point.

 Mirrors can be displayed in every room of the house. A favorite for designers is most definitely the entryway.
Perfect to reflect the light as you enter and exit the door, expand the space and also gives you a spot to do a final check on yourself before leaving the house.

You can never have enough mirrors in a home. Try something different - Hang multiple mirrors on the same wall remembering to group them in a visually appealing way.

Create a reflective grouping. Randomly group mirrors of various shapes and sizes, featuring different frames or borders for a collector’s look. 


Enhance your decor. We so LOVE the leaner mirror.You know those large, upright mirrors that aren’t hung, but rather placed on the floor and rested against a wall. Reflect your beautiful room!


 Dining Rooms are often that one room that lacks square footage. Hang a large mirror to visually expand and double the space and reflect the overhead lighting fixture.

Use mirrored furniture to bring on the glam plus take advantage of their reflective qualities. Give the illusion of expanding the floor space and room by tricking the eye with this beauty. 

Reflect a little personality. Place an inexpensive full-length mirror atop the dining room table as a centerpiece. Showcase you favorite decorative items or vases of flowers at various heights. Add candles to reflect their soft, flickering light.

Do you decorate with mirrors throughout your home?

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Image 3: From the portfolio of Designer Nathan Turner and featured at High Street Market

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