Monday, January 27, 2014

Make the most of your small bathroom with these design ideas.

The feel of a small bath can be changed dramatically while keeping the existing layout. Find simple ways to make a small bathroom look bigger: A few little pointers that can help a tight, tiny space GROW visually.

1. Keep walls and tile the same tone or color, recede and blend. Add contrast through the vanity cabinet.
2. Paint the ceiling the same color as the walls.

3. Take the tile in the shower up to the ceiling.

4. Watch your transitions, bleed a material from one area to the next without stopping.

5. Use clear glass that you can see through as your shower doors.

6. Go BIG on the mirrors. Hang one large, instead of two and directly across from windows when possible.

7. Go for plenty of natural light. No windows, consider installing a skylight.

8. Recess your cabinetry and shampoo shelving into the walls.

These design secrets are shared from Carla Aston Designed; Carla Aston, An interior designer that leads discussions about the beauty & business of interior design.
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