Thursday, November 29, 2012

Transitioning Your Home For The Winter Season

Get yourself and your home ready for winter. Ensure your home stays stylish and cozy despite dropping temperatures outside. You'll most likely want to spend more time indoors. Here are some simple ways to transition each room in your home.
The Entry way

  • hang a beautiful seasonal wreath on the door to welcome guests
  • clean out the coat closet and make room for your guests outerwear and shoes
  • provide a spot for a welcome mat, boot mat and umbrella storage
  • always know where your gloves, hats and scarves are (provide a basket for easy on/off storage)

The Living Room
  • rearrange your furniture, pull away from the walls and create a conversational setting around the fireplace
  • create a seasonal or holiday display on the fireplace mantel - add nature-inspired elements, touches from the outdoors
  • layer window treatments to add texture and warmth
  • lay an area rug where you would normally have tile and hardwood floors revealed
  • bring out extra throws and pillows for added comfort
  • add an extra ottoman so you can relax and put your feet up  
The Kitchen
  • have your favorite comfort food recipes easily accessiable
  • bring out the crockpot and any baking dishes that you tucked away
  • stock up on pantry staples and baking supplies
  • have lots of flavored coffee and hot chocolate mix on hand... complete with mini marshmallows

The Bathroom
  • try a new scented air freshener reed diffuser
  • switch out your bathmat, hand towels, and shower curtain for a fresh look (plush and rich in colour)
  • add a towel warmer and fragrant bath salts

The Dining Room
  • Bring chairs with arms to your dining room seating, cover chairs in soft and cozy slipcover (great way to add new color)
  • decorate with a pretty table runner and placemats
  • create or buy a winter center piece
  • stock up on candles of all sizes (candles exude warmth, especially in a group)

The Bed Room
  • give each bed a set of flannel sheets and an electric blanket
  • Layer up, add an extra blaket or two
  • pull out your slippers and plush bath robes
  • bust out your winter wardrobe (hoodies, sweaters, jackets, scarves, warm socks and boots) and pack away your summer attire 

Outdoor Living Space / Yard
  • bring in any outdoor ornamental seasonal items.
  • prepare garden beds for the season, cut back perrenials and prune trees
  • bring in or cover all outdoor furniture and grills to protect from the winter elements 
  • stock up on shovels and snow salt and be sure to have enough gas for snow blowers and generators should you lose power. 
  • check bulbs in your outdoor lighting

General Use
  • pick a warm color palette for your rooms - paint walls or add soft textural fabrics in accessories
  • it gets darker much earlier in the winter months, lighting is so important... add accent lighting with dimmers to let you choose how much or little
  • add comfort and excitement by displaying fun family photos
  • caulk any drafty areas at windows and doors
  • check to make sure all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order
  • create an emergency kit that is fully stocked with essentials you need to survive in case of an emergency
  • stock up on flashlights and batteries

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