Thursday, November 15, 2012

Clever Ways To Use The Space Under Your Staircase

One of the most underutilized area in the home is the space under a staircase. Whether you're in need of clever storage solutions or cozy spots that are appealing to the eye, don't forget that spot under the stairs that is most times left unused.
Open concept floor plans are very popular. Here under the staircase was left open as a walk though to other rooms in the house.  
via Better Homes and Gardens Magazine
Reclaim wasted space under a staircase as storage, super-efficient without sacrificing style.
Using every square inch, an under the stairwell reading nook that was part of a Lakeside Cabin Makeover featured at Sounthern Living.

 Finely crafted built-in furniture that adds further beauty and functionality.

We LOVE Pet Friendly Homes... make use of the space under a staircase!

 An arched doorway makes this dog den even more special. Remember doors should always be constructed of a material that allows airflow so it’s more comfortable for them. Design via Attic Mag

 Clever built-in doghouse design to pamper your pets.
 via Style Craft Homes

How do you use the space under your stairs?


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