Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Decorating Above The Kitchen Cabinets

Are you lucky enough to have an open space above your kitchen cabinets? This special area gives you the perfect opportunity to add personality to your kitchen.

Large baskets are an attractive option to give you additional storage for items you don't use often.

Simple yet stunning with an arrangement in the corner of the top of the cabinets!

Have fun with it... The tops of the cabinets is perfect space for adding your holiday and seasonal decor.

Create a modern arrangement when you combine large and small pieces with geometric shapes and unexpected colors.

Image via Pier 1 imports

Old antique treasures and repurposed items work perfectly when creating an above the cabinet style.

image via 52 Flea

Accent the decor on top of cabinets with lighting. Here, a rope lighting was added to give the perfect glow in the evening hours.

Image via Little Nanny Goat

How do you decorate above your cabinets? What are your favorite decor pieces to display?


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