Monday, March 12, 2012

Keep Furniture Protected During Remodeling And Renovations!

Are you planning the remodeling or renovation of your homes interior or exterior? Don't make more work for yourself. Protect your indoor or outdoor furniture from any mess that comes along with home improvement projects or home renovations. Keep everything safe, dry and secure with Indoor/Outdoor Protective Covers. These protective covers are generously sized to fit over almost any furniture you may have. The durable and easy to clean fabric makes them perfect for any painting or remodeling project. All protective covers include a drawstring storage bag.  

Unique StayFit elastic banding LOCKS cover in place once installed.

       Protects From:
  • Paint
  • Liquids / Spills
  • Dust
  • Rain
  • Ice / Snow
  • Wind
  • UV Light

 Available in 3 different sizes to cover most styles of furniture. These reusable covers protect better then drop cloths or plastic sheets, Feel secure knowing your furniture is protected. 

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