Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to display on shelves and bookcases.

Transform any shelves or bookcases that have been stuffed with clutter and display with the things you love most. Choose items that interest you and express your style. Showcase your collections, vacation memories, framed art, books, baskets and items that your children have made over the years that are dear to your heart.

Use different sizes, shapes and colors that will work together. Choose a few bigger and bolder pieces that will stand out remembering not to clutter. Never line up items of the same height, mix it up to keep the eyes moving. Stack books on their sides and display a smaller item on top. Create layers and don't be afraid to frame your framed art on the shelves. If the shelves are adjustable, stagger them to add interest.

Beautifully displayed built in with pops of turquoise add life to the neutral color palette. 

Shelving display stays within the entire rooms color palette in many different heights.

Wallpaper in the back of shelving of the bookcase and small light fixtures set in the top for a dramatic effect. These shelves will look great in the evening hours.


Hang asymmetrical floating shelves with arrangements of three, five or seven objects on each shelf at different heights keeping in the color scheme of your room.

 via HGTV

 Get creative by displaying walls of interest throughout your home as you showcase your favorite decorative items on shelves and bookcases.

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