Thursday, March 17, 2011

Room By Room Home Decorating Tips!

How to create Functionality and Living Beauty!

Living Room

This is the most gathered and social place of a home. It's where family and friends come together... stories are shared and memories are made. This space should be made comfortable and welcoming. Arrange furniture so that it's easy to conversate and with a natural flow to enter and exit the room. Don't over decorate, keep the room simple yet not boring. Very easily done with accent colors that pop in your pillows, window treatments, throws, rugs, and wall color.


This is a unique space in the home that is not as much lived in but worked in.  A supremely functional space, designed to accomplish the goal of food preparation. Focus on utility yet beauty, every inch has a purpose in this room. You need to be sure that you supply this room with all the functional tools needed to prepare foods at ease. Your bowels, spoons, knives, and appliances can all be purchased in matched colors. Another option is to purchase your appliances in a matched material... using stainless steel, black, or white throughout. Keep it consistent for a natural flow. Only keep out on counters your every day-to-day used appliances. Those that you don't use daily store away. Keep organized with minimal clutter. This is much easier to keep this room clean and wiped down.


This is one of the most personal spaces in a home. This room is where you go to relax and rest... so decorate it that you can find comfort being there. Make a space that pampers yourself and settles your brain after a long day.  Color is a very important element to your room. The color you paint your walls and add to your decor will add to how that room makes you feel when in it.  Make a comfortable bed~ Invest in a down comforter, a duvet and a luxurious sheet set.  Mood lighting~ install a dimmer on your lights or lamps with 3 way bulbs. Remembering special elements such as the sound of water and soft relaxing tunes.

This is a room that is most often ignored and not well planned when decorating. Don't forget this room has a special function and you and your guests are in and out of many times throughout the day. Inspirational photos or beautiful nature landscapes are a great choice for this room. Wonderful smelling scents are very pleasing when entering this room. 

Don't be afraid of some black and white photography, this is very appealing to the eye. Bring fabulous accessories into this space... include soap dishes or pumps, tissue holders, shelves, spa like rolled towels, shower curtains, toilet seat covers,  floor rugs and great smelling candles. Be sure to have a fabulous mirror with sufficient lighting, for this is where your grooming takes place. 

Support the nature of your rooms in your home. Making them look, work, and feel better to live in and for those who visit your home! 

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