Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bringing The Tropics Into The Home!

Bring decor into the home that is warm, sunny and a tropical environment. Sure to lift the spirits of many people.

First you want to determine the rooms in your home that are taking on this new style. Decide what your budget is and what tropical decorating colors are to be used. You can choose bold and beautiful, in shades of blue, green, coral, turquoise, purple and yellow. If you love color, this is a great decorating style for you. Consider your base color being neutrals and adding the vibrant tropical colors in your accessories. A mix of  lots of texture and intricate pattern with simple details and a few large accessories.

 Be sure to de-clutter, simplicity is preferred in tropical decorating. Large Accessories... Remember that the tropics includes naturals, including trees and more trees! A realistic looking silk (or real if you have a green thumb and location suites ) palm tree or a tree similar will always look great.

 Have fun with the window treatments. You may want to include plantation shutters, wood roll up blinds(bamboo), lightweight fabrics(sheers) or tropical print valances, depending upon your style preferences. Avoid any heavy and dark drapes.

Your flooring of choice might be hardwood, though tile or stone(terracotta) is another popular style. Accent the hard floor with area rugs of natural sisal. When hanging artwork stick to the color palette of the room. Include paintings and room fixtures, display underwater sea life, tropical beach scenes, exotic animals and birds.

Tableware could include natural colored stoneware, textured placemats(tiki or bamboo), loosely woven fabric napkins, and sturdy glassware. Accessorize with wooden bowls, baskets, and bamboo.


Tropical accessories may include:

~Tropical fruits such as bananas, pineapples, kiwi or coconuts put on display in the kitchen or on the dining table.

~Driftwood furniture, artwork, and lamps

~Frames for photos, mirrors and artwork made of bamboo,palm tree and tiki.

~Large fishing nets draped across your wall, or suspended from the ceiling.

~Figures of Tiki God and Hula Girls

~Curtain beads that hang in doorways for decoration or privacy.

~Palm, seagrass or rattan mats, floor and window coverings

~Model of sailing vessels 

~Hurricane lanterns, Ocean scented candles and Oil lamps

~Natural wicker baskets for storage

~Sea shells, coral, star fish,sand dollars, sea glass, smooth stones and driftwood displayed either independently or in dishes and jars

~A tropical salt water fish tank

Due to island prints, leaves, and animal prints all being an eye catcher. Avoid overdoing the room's accessories. A few large plants and trees, lamps, books, and some carefully selected large-scale accessories will usually be enough. Avoid lots of tiny little things and keep it simple and spare.

    And Last... but my favorite ~Tropical hibiscus flowers are one of the enduring symbols of the tropics. These much-beloved, large and showy flowers can be grown inside in temperate zones. Manage throughout the winter, and enjoy beautiful colorful blooms all summer long!

    Create your own tropical escape to enjoy all year long!

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