Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Selling Your Home... Get Furniture Ready!

Get Furniture Ready!!

Your furniture's appearance makes a difference when selling your home. Even though you are taking it with you, the condition of your pieces can affect the feel your home gives off. Buyers who walk into a home without furnishings or too many pieces may leave a confusing feeling of the size and flow of that space. 

  • Declutter, much less is a lot more: keeping your furnishings simple and to a minimal will make your space appear larger.
  • Update or replace outdated furniture: Use neutral-colored slipcovers to update worn furnishings and add throw pillows to create a refreshing look. Buyers may perceive outdated furnishings as a sign that the residence is outdated.
  • Neutralize and depersonalize rooms: pack away family photos and collections so buyers can visualize themselves living in the residence.
  • Throw out or repair any broken furniture.
  • Clean, dust and polish: You want your home to be noticed, not your dirt!
  • Convert your rooms back to what they are meant to be: If you turned your dining room into a office space, be sure to return that room back to a dining room with the correct furnishings.
  • Staging is key: If you don’t have sufficient furniture, you may want to rent further pieces at a reasonable month to month fee. 

Slipcovers by Sure Fit are an easy, affordable and stylish way to refresh your homes appearance!!    

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