Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to style and accessorize a coffee table...

The coffee table usually takes up a large visual space in a room, so follow these tips and create a gorgeous display.

~ Keep accessories low, don’t put anything on it that’s too tall and will obstruct your view. Since coffee tables are often in the center of a seating area keep accessories close to the tabletop. 

~ Beautiful books make excellent accessories. Stack a pile of three or four hardcover books for a lovely display. 

~ If most of your accessories are straight lined, add some shape. It will keep from looking boring.

~ When accessorizing, keep in mind all the colors you have in the room. Repeat colors for maximum impact. This will help give the room a layered effect.

~ Give a personal touch. Add a piece that reflects you. Just limit, too many will make your table look cluttered. Consider putting one on top of the stack of books. The contrast in shape will be visually striking.

~ It’s can be handy to have your display on a tray. Gives your table a classy style and can be used to remove the display quickly if your table is needed for another use. Keep coasters on this tray to ensure guests will not put drinks directly on your tables finish.

~ What you use in your room should compliment the style of your room. Contrast is always interesting,  but don’t over do it. 

~ Resist the urge to cover the entire space. Leave room to put down drinks, a magazine etc... You don't want to cramp your everyday living.

Home Decor Accessories are important. They dress up your home and give it personality. So show off your creativity!

Leave a comment below and inspire all with your coffee table style and unique ideas!

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