Saturday, August 23, 2014

Denim, Imagine the comfort, character and style of your favorite pair of jeans -- in a slipcover!

Rediscover Denim, The perfect living room weekend wear!

Change is Good, Update your furniture in the Freshest Denim For Fall... Just like your favorite pair of blue jeans, we have a relaxed and form fit style to dress your furniture.

Relaxed Fit

Nothing matches the style, true blue character, and lasting durability of genuine denim twill.
That's why we developed our new Authentic Denim slipcover collection. It's denim twill-woven from pure, heavyweight cotton that's indigo yarn-dyed for that unmistakable blue. Just like your favorite jeans, the seams and edges are finished with ¼” double needle stitching for long wear. The relaxed, easygoing fit drapes nicely around furniture.

 Form Fit

By popular demand, we dressed up our Authentic Denim collection with a new deep indigo color and a soft, stretchy, form-fitting fabric. Just like your favorite blue jeans, the cool combination of casual denim with refined color and fit transforms your whole look!

Decorate Cottage Casual; Mix and match our slipcover collections to create a specific style. We combined the soft and inviting Stretch Denim with the simple Ticking Stripe in Cardinal Red. Learn how to get this look

Design On A Budget - First Apartment & College Dorm Decorating:  
So comfortable, durable and goes with everything! Pair it with your favorite contrasting colors or patterns to make the space POP! This classic denim material gives your furniture an All American feel! Incorporate some red, white and blue for that perfect Classic Americana style!

 Is your lifestyle busy from work, keeping the house plus taking care of the kids and pets? Denim may just be the perfect decorating solution for you. This great family-friendly fabric wears well and is machine washable too!



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