Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Welcoming June And HGTV Color Of The Month

HGTV has announced on June 2, 2014 their chosen color of the month... 

As the Spring season is underway, most of us are longing for the refreshing and relaxing days of summer. Dreaming of a summer vacation, their chosen color of the month is bright, beachy and just gorgeous! There was a smitten color team as Briana proposed the color of the month...

Burnt Coral 
 Feminine and strong,
Forget the peachy pink coral of the past! It's a little more cinnabar or vermillion. This darker, orange-red coral is au courant and looks great with other spring and summer colors.

 Goldenrod yellow walls and burnt coral accents in the window treatments and throw pillows work together to give this family room a warm and inviting glow.

The soft greys act as a neutral canvas for the splashes of hot coral. Additional statement accessories add to this uber-modern look.


Our Picks:

Interior: A sofa will take the spotlight when it is slipcovered in this vivid hue. This Stretch Cavalry Twill in paprika is exceptionally versatile with it's two-way stretch fabric in a understated diagonal pattern.

Outdoors: Bring brilliance to the backyard, Sunbrella outdoor patio furniture cushions in this henna color is sure to add a new found energy! Available in Euro, Chaise, High Back Dining and Seat Cushions.

. But why not choose a palette that's a tad different and unique? - See more at:

Tropical yet a bit spicy -- Will this color make the cut for your next go to summer color purchase?
. But why not choose a palette that's a tad different and unique? - See more at:

For more info on HGTV's chosen color for June, Visit HGTV Design Happens and read article by Liz Gray.

Image 1: Better Homes and Gardens - Image 2: housetohome - Image 3 & 4: Sure Fit

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