Tuesday, May 13, 2014

True Blue Washed Denim

Nothing matches the style, true blue character, and lasting durability of genuine denim twill.

That's why we developed our new Authentic Denim slipcover collection. It's denim twill-woven from pure, heavyweight cotton that's indigo yarn-dyed for that unmistakable blue. Just like your favorite jeans, the seams and edges are finished with ¼” double needle stitching for long wear. The relaxed, easygoing fit drapes nicely around furniture.
For your sofa and loveseat
 20" Pillows and Pillow Slips


Wing Chair
The perfect living room weekend wear everyday! Imagine the comfort, character and style of your favorite pair of jeans -- in a slipcover! Family-friendly fabric wears well and machine washable too.

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  1. ok my comment was eaten lol. Love the color of the fabric in the first two photos the best.