Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Importance of Lighting In Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, lighting is an element that often gets overlooked. The warmest way to light a room is in layers. A rooms design comes together when the right lighting is achieved. Transforming a space into a seamless combination with both functionality and style. 

When choosing the type of lighting to decorate your space, keep in mind the room size, how much natural light the room receives and the furniture placement. Lighting up those dark corners of a room can change the overall look of your interior design.

Here wall sconces, table lamps and overhead lighting is present. Proper placement also introduces a sense of symmetry in the room. Tip: Our moods change throughout the day and a dimmer switch makes it easy to adjust the feel of a room.

 Versatile track lighting has many virtues: It can act as a downlight, a flood light, a spotlight, and an accent light. Fitted with enough light fixtures and flexibility, a track lighting system can serve as a room's overall illumination system or allow you to change the location and direction of the individual fixtures to suit any room arrangement.

Lighting, a key element to your design. Choose a sufficient light for the tasks and activities you want to accomplish there. Designer Cindy Aplanalp illuminated this reading area with a gold floor lamp to compliment the elegant decor of this room.

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Image 1 and 2: Featured On Better Homes and Gardens
Image 3: Featured On HGTV

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