Friday, January 4, 2013

Pillows, An instant design update anyone can afford.

Never underestimate the decorative touch of a throw pillow!
Toss, throw or pile them up... Pillows are the simplest way to bring change to your decor. Bring in a punch of the seasons favorite color and patterns. Leaving wall color and furniture neutral opens a door to endless decorative pillow possibilites.

Tips to a fabulous pillowscape:

~ For a unique non traditional look, Add odd numbers of pillows to your furniture. In design, odd numbers tend to be more eye-catching. Try one, three or five depending on the size of the furniture and the look you want.

~ Add personality and character by using different sizes and shapes.

An odd number were placed here: Adding contrast by placing four slighty oversized square solids (20 inch) that match the fabric of the sofa slipcover and coordinating chair slipcover. Then accented with an oblong decorative pillow in the middle. (pictured above)
~ Layer pillows of different textures beside one another. A ridig linen against a smooth suede or silk will create quite an impact.

~ When choosing a patterned accent pillow, pick up at least one color that is already in the room.

~ Pillows don't need to match but keep unity in your pillow arrangement. Have at least one color in common.

~ Standard pillows (18 inch square) fit neatly on a traditional furniture with typical dimensions. To create a loungy casual feeling use oversized pillows.

~ For a fun design that stands out, Layer a print next to a solid color pulling the color from the solid into the print. (as seen pictured below)

Here an animal stripe in brown (zebra pattern) was paired with a solid stretch suede pillow in chocolate.  

Get a new look for the new year without spending a fortune. Decorate with pillows to reinvent your room.
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