Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New 2012 Spring Collections

It is a New Year and many of us are feeling a change coming on, Not only for ourselves personally but also the change we enjoy making to our surroundings... Our Homes!

Easily change your decor colors and style with a furniture revamp!

Introducing our 4 new slipcover spring collections for 2012 in 11 new colors and unique innovative designs ~

Stretch Jacquard Damask
A timeless classic for today's living

Stretch Belmont Plaid 
Form fitted design meets relaxed style

Stretch Leanne
Fill your room with country charm

Deluxe Comfort Cover
Superior comfort for the entire family

We now have over 1,200 slipcover styles to choose from. Check out our newest collections above by clicking on the photo or visit Sure Fit Slipcovers to view all the furniture cover styles, pet solutions and home accessories that we have to offer.

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