Friday, November 4, 2011

Sure Fit Fall Room Makeover Challenge Winner's Big Reveal!!

The Wait Is Over And Here Is Her Sure Fit Dream Fall Room Makeover Reveal!

In June 2011, we held a contest and called out, "Who is in need of a Sure Fit Fall Room Makeover??"

We had received entries from June 23 - August 15, 2011 on our Facebook page.  Entries included a photo of the room that was in need of a makeover and an explanation to why that room was in need. They were also asked to include their wishlist of Sure Fit Products to makeover that space!

The Voting took place August 16 - August 30, 2011. And after two weeks of voting on September 6, 2011 -We had ourselves a winner... Angela Amenta

Angela's Before Photo

Angela's After Photo

The Sure Fit Products That Were Used To Create This Amazing Fall Room Makeover:

Angela's Experience...

"I am ecstatic really.  It really has changed my home so much. I actually sit in my living room now and want to have friends over. The compliments have been overwhelming and think I need more catalogs to pass about!The best part has been my son's responses. The first was that he wished his bed was as soft of the covers. They are so comfy. And the best one... "We look like we are rich!!". We love it. One of the best experiences ever!" 


  1. I cannot get over the difference in that room!

    First of all, the fit, the quality, the COLOR!!!! Sooooooo "rich" (yep!) and inviting!

    Enjoy your "new" room Angela!

  2. Thanks Caren and Cody,

    I agree, What a difference! She did do a wonderful job making over her living space! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!