Friday, February 18, 2011

Liven And Brighten Up Your Space!

Ways To Achieve A More Lively And Brightened Room! 

~First things you need to do is open the window treatments and let the light in!

~Declutter: incorporate minimalist design in making a brighter, and more calming and comfortable space for yourself.
~Pick a new bright paint color (one that makes you feel happy when you see it) You may want to create a feature wall with wall paper. If teal is your focus color, find it on throw pillows, picture frames, and area rugs.

~Windows without window treatments just look bare. Choose a bright color that you love or a bold pattern.

~Add bright throw pillows and a cuddly throw.

~Adding a rug to your floor will warm up the space and make it more cozy. Use a different combination of sizes, shapes, and textures. If you looking for a WOW factor, find a rug with animal print.

~Change the look of your furniture... add color and texture with slipcovers.

~Proper lighting in a room is essential. Add interesting lamps, overhead lights, and lighting over your favorite pieces of wall art. Add a plant in the corner of your room and some twinkly lights.

~If your pocketbook allows: add a new colorful armchair and artwork to spice up the color in the room.

Even if your walls are neutral and your furniture brown...  you can liven up the space with a few simple touches.

Don't forget your outdoor space: 

~Add some new decorative lighting (very attractive for the evening hours)

~A fountain,the calming sounds to enhance the tranquility and peacefulness of your outdoor living areas and patios.

~Fire pits (Add your own Adirondack chairs and cozy blankets)

~New colorful outdoor cushions for added comfort and beauty to the eyes.

~Planters filled with brightly colored flowers.

~Add a hammock for those lazy days of lounging with a lemonade :)

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