Monday, October 18, 2010

The Colors You Put Into Your Space Can Affect Your Mood.

The colors you paint on your walls and the colors you choose for your furniture and your decor can set the mood and feeling of your space.

 Red Is A Color That Is Very Bold And Strong... That Will Typically Bring The Feelings Of Romance or Passion Into A Room.  This Color Is Often Chosen For A Bedroom Or Livingroom.  It Is Also Said That This Color Can Encourage Your Appetite And Is Often Used In Kitchens, Not To Overpower With Red But To Accent With.

 Yellow Is A Color That Is Bright, Vibrant And Stimulating! Bring The Sunshine In And Stimulate A Happy Sense Of Feeling.   Many Shades... Antique Or A Golden Amber Often A Chosen Color To Use In A Kitchen Or Sunroom.

    Blue Is Said To Have A Very Calming Affect On People.  Often Compared To The Calming Affect Of Blue Water And The Blue Sky.  Another Great Color To Use In Your Bathroom Or Bedroom.  Blue Comes In Many Shades And Is Often Used To Make A Room Appear Larger.

Green Is A Fresh Welcoming Color That Is Nature Inspired.  Comes In Many Shades And Is Neither Over Nor Under Stimulating~ Just A Color That Is Very Calming To Your Senses. It is Considered An Earth Tone That Can Be Used In Any Room Of The House.

 Orange Is A Vivid Bright Color With A Warm Feeling... That Is Thought To Bring Out A Persons Creativity!  Fabulous Color To Bring Into Your  Playroom, Craft Room, or workspace.  When You Need Those Creative Juices To Flow Choose Orange.

Brown Is An Earth Tone That Is A Natural Color With Relaxing Effects.  Browns Can Give Off A Very Sophisticated Look.  Browns Came In Various Shades... Sand, Caramel,  Or Chocolate.  Remember When Painting The Walls, The Darker The Brown The Smaller The Room May Seem.

 White Is A Very Bright, Open, and Clean Color.  Any Area Where You Experience a High Amount Of Traffic May Not Work Well With White.  Not Suggested For Hallways Or Childrens Play Areas.  White Can Work Well In A Room Where Alot Of Accent Color Is Being Used And Thats Your Focus... To Make That Color Pop!

 Black Is Dark And Sometimes A Very Intimidating Color To Work With Due To Its Depth.  It Gives the Feeling Of Sophistication, Drama And Mystery But Can Make A Room Appear Smaller When Painting.  However, When Used In Modern And Contemporary Decorating On An Accent Wall Could Work Well. Very Attractive Look When Used On Furniture And Accessorizing.  Black Is A Overwhelming Yet Handsome Color To Work With... Use With Caution.

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