Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time To Begin Your Autumn Decorating!

This Is The Time Of Year When The Leaves Are Falling And The Cool Temperatures Are Creeping In! Make It An Exciting Time For You And Your Family As The New Season Approaches. Add Some Warm Touches To Your Homes Decor With Great Fall Colors And Textures.

Decorate Your Home That Appeal To All 5 Senses ~ Sight, Beautiful Fall Colors In Your Decor-An Autumn Wreath On The Front Door ~ Sound, Music That You And Your Family Enjoy Listening To ~ Touch, Fabric On Your Furniture And Pillows That Beg To Be Touched ~ Smell,  A Rooms Scent To Match The Season...  Apples, Cinnamon, Or Even Pumpkin Pie ~ Taste, A Bowel Of Chocolates In The Family Room Or A Bowel Of Shiny Red Apples In The Kitchen

Nature Is Beautiful...  Make A Statement In Your Home With Different Shades Of Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown And Green!

Dress Up Your Furniture With Fabulous Fall Color Slipcovers ~ Quick And Inexpensive Way To Add Color To Any Room! Make Your Rooms Formal Or Casual By Choosing The Perfect Color, Texture and Design To Express Your Style! Made To Fit Many Pieces Of Furniture In Your Home!

Our One Piece Throws Easily Drape And Instantly Decorate Any Room Environment.

Pillows Are A Great Way To Add A Splash Of Autumn Color ~ come in 2 gorgeous color combinations - Cream/Coffee and Caramel/Cranberry.

Updating Your Futon's Look Has Never Been Easier, Designed With Hidden Zippers So Putting On And Taking Off Is A Breeze!        

Add Instant Color To Your Room With A Pair Of Drapes. Benefit From The Heavier Fabrics As The Temperature Begins To Drop!

Dress Up Your Dining Or Kitchen Area To Match The Rest Of Your Homes Decor. Many Fabric Colors and Textures For Your Chairs- Long To Capture An Elegant Look And Short For A Casual, More Traditional Feel. If You Are Looking For A Chair Cover With Arms, We Have Those Too.

Make Your Dining Decor Complete With Placemats and Napkins and For The Fall Season Don't Forget Your Centerpiece. Something Simple Maybe... A Festive Bowel Of Pumpkins And Gourds, A Cornucopia, Or Some Colorful Fruit.

Rugs In Autumn Decor Friendly Colors ~

No Room Is Complete Without A Lamp To Brighten Up Seating Areas And Dark Room Corners. Try Adding A Lamp To Your Bathroom, Scale Size Of Lamp With Size Of Bathroom. Feel The Warmth!

Be Sure To Make Your Foyer Or Living Area Feel Inviting With A Table. Decorate The Top Or Shelves With Some Fall Decor... Maybe Some Mums, Dry Leaves, Pine Cones, Berries Or Candles.

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  1. I love Autumn for this reason!! And I especially love all the smells!

    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e